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Letter of Understanding for the Spring-Summer Term Student Evaluation Like the Winter term, evaluations will not be considered in a detrimental way for members who teach one or more courses in the Spring and Summer term. The Association has signed a le

Follow-up # 6 | Transitioning to distance learning – Coronavirus

Basic guide to adapt your course to distance learning The circumstances of the past weeks created a lot of challenges for the academic staff. The most challenging one- no doubt- has been the need to transform your course to distance learning.  In this

Share, Exchange, Collaborate: APTPUO Online Forums

The APTPUO now has online discussion forums, accessed from the top menu. Do you have a question to ask arising from the pandemic, but want to do so anonymously? Do you have tips to share about distance education? Do you want to get insights from other

Frequently Asked Questions re: COVID-19

Want to find an answer to a question you may have that pertains to the impact of COVID-19 on your workplace? The questions and answers below will be updated as often as possible. NEW Q: Do you have resources to help me with my spring/summer course? The