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At the Next Elections, Let’s Improve our Working Conditions

While Doug Ford advocates a brighter future for Ontarians, he continually contradicts himself in his many attacks on postsecondary institutions. His actions are undermining the quality and the accessibility of postsecondary education for students in th

2021 Part-Time Professor of the Year Award Ceremony

Since 1996, the Association has presented an award for teaching excellence to one of its members who has distinguished themselves throughout the previous academic year. This award is sponsored by the University of Ottawa and APTPUO. A $2,000 scholarshi

Winter AGM 2022

Annual General Membership Meeting Thursday, March 31st, 2022 at 6 PM (Eastern Time)! To participate, you must register in advance. This step is especially important to allow us to confirm that you are a member in good standing and, in doing so, we are

APTPUO’s Public Statement on the Protest in Downtown Ottawa

For the past few days, a protest has been taking place at the gates of our community. While some are exercising their legitimate right to protest, too many are, unfortunately, using this event to promote violence, and engage in hateful, racist, and hom