Committee Representation

APTPUO Committees

On hiatus
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Noureddine Mouelhi (Grievance Officer)
Pascal Sergent (Grievance Officer)
vacant (Board)
Greer Knox(Union Council)
Reza Farzi (Treasurer)
vacant (Board)
Vajmeh Tabibi (At-Large)
Matthew Kurtz (At-Large)
Reza Farzi (Treasurer)
vacant (Board)
Natalia Vesselova (Union Council)
Gustavo Beritognolo (At-large)
Political Action
Émilie Pigeon (VP External)
Noureddine Mouelhi (Board)
vacant (Union Council)
Catriona Sinead Czyrnyj (At-large)
Émilie Pigeon (VP External)
vacant (Board)
Natalia Vesselova (Union Council)
Paula Sauveur (At-large)

Julie Delorme (Secretary)
vacant (Union Council)
vacant (Union Council)
vacant (At-large)
Atiq Rehman (At-large)
Émilie Pigeon (VP External)
Thomas Boogaart (VP Internal)
Véronique Béguet (At-large)
Nathalie Le Marec (At-large)
Émilie Pigeon (Board)

Joint Committees

Joint Committees gather representatives of the University of Ottawa and the APTPUO (and other unions, if applicable). These committees discuss issues that matter to part-time professors. APTPUO representatives, nominated by the Board of Directors, sit on these committees and report back to the Board. Any member sitting on a joint committee shall receive a seniority point (reference: section 5.8.1.e of the Collective Agreement).

Occupational Health and Safety (Office) (2)
Joe Lostraco
Sheri Zhang
Parking Committee
Gustavo Freire
Senate Committee on Teaching and Teaching Evaluation (2)
Elena Ilina (until December 31, 2019)
Ali Abbas (until December 31, 2019)

Labour Management Committee
Robert Johnson
Émilie Pigeon
Thomas Boogaart
Noureddine Mouelhi


Representatives to committees where the APTPUO has representation receive an honorarium upon the submission (to of the meeting agenda, the minutes, and a page of personal notes, if submitted within 30 days of the meeting.