Representatives Council

As defined in Article 9.1 of the APTPUO Constitution, “The Representatives Council is composed of all APTPUO members who represent Association members at the Academic unit and higher levels of university governance at the University of Ottawa, as well as each member of the Board of Directors”. Thus, the Representatives Council is made up of every member who is elected as a department or faculty representative. 

The role of the Representatives Council is as follows: 

  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors and to General Assemblies of our membership. 
  • May make decisions on behalf of the Association that are in accordance with the Association’s constitution, by-laws and policies.

The Council meets at least 4 times a year to fulfil its role and report to the Board of Directors. For more details on the functioning of the Council and the structure of the Association, we invite you to consult our Constitution and Bylaws.

The members of the Representatives Council are as follows:

  1. Faculty of Arts
  2. Faculty of Education
  3. Faculty of Engineering
  4. Faculty of Medicine
  5. Faculty of Sciences
  6. Faculty of Health Sciences
  7. Faculty of Social Sciences
  8. Telfer School of Management
  9. Faculty of Law

Faculty of Arts

Faculty Representatives: 

  • To be confirmed


  • Visual Arts: Sarah Rooney
  • Communications:
    • Jean-Sébastien Marier
    • Valérie Noftle
  • English:
    • Jennifer Baker
    • Erin Kean
  • Indigenous Studies: N/A
  • Classics and Religious Studies:
    • Louise Stephens
    • Bernardo Mingarelli
  • Français:
    • Agathe Rhéaume
    • Julie Delorme
  • Geography:
    • Nicolas Onemba Shuku
    • Lazar Ilic
  • History:
    • Jo-Anne McCutcheon
    • Thomas Boogaart
  • OLBI (ELS): Vacant
  • OLBI (FLS): Brunella Masciantonio
  • Modern Languages and Literatures:
    • Arkadi Klioutchanski
    • Natalia Vesselova
  • Linguistic: Gustavo Freire
  • Music:
    • Geneviève Bazinet
    • Robert Rival
  • Philosophy: 
    • Sardar Hosseini
    • Sascha Maicher
  • Information Studies:  N/A
  • Theater: To be confirmed
  • Translation and Interpretation:
    • Raul Colon
    • Dorine Sosso

Faculty of Education

Faculty Representatives: 

  • English Sector: Harriet Greenstone
  • French Sector: Luc Angers

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty Representatives: 

  • Muslim Majeed
  • Arya Rahgozar


  • Chemical and Biological Engineering: Graham Creedy
  • Civil Engineering: 
    • Muslim Majeed
    • Alaa Abdulrhida
  • Mechanical Engineering: Zekai Hong
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science:
    • Fadi Malek
    • Mahmud Hasan
  • School of Engineering Design and Teaching Innovation: Emmanuel Bouendeu

Faculty of Medicine

  • Cellular Molecular Medicine: N/A
  • Innovation in Medical Education: N/A
  • Biochemistry Microbiology, Immunology: N/A
  • Epidemiology and Public Health: N/A

Faculty of Sciences

Faculty Representative: 

  • Françoise Cossette
  • Rachel Kozlowski


  • Biology: To be confirmed
  • Chemistry : Vacant
  • Mathematics and Statistics: To be confirmed
  • Physics : Vacant
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences: To be confirmed

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty Representatives: 

  • Ron Saulnier


  • Human Kinetics: Darrin Wijeyaratnam
  • Nutrition Sciences:
    • Mylène Rosa
    • Ahmed Gomaa
  • Rehabilitation Sciences: N/A
  • Health Sciences (interdisciplinary): 
    • Ron Saulnier
    • Rodrigue Deuboué
    • Andrew Darnell
  • Nursing: To be confirmed

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty Representative: 

  • Andrew Heffernan


  • Criminology: 
    • Erin McCuaig-Lambrinakos
    • Kate Fletcher
  • International Development and Global Studies: Pascal Kacou
  • Feminist and Gender Studies: Vacant
  • Political Studies: Amanda Shankland
  • Sociological and Anthropological Studies:
    • Jean-François Chapman
    • Isaak Nizigama
  • Public and International Affairs: Jean-François Ratelle
  • Psychology: 
    • Erin Leigh Couture
    • Nathalie Le Marec
  • Economics: Marc Prud’homme
  • Social Work: Armand Kayolo

Telfer School of Management

  • Marc Tassé

Faculty of Law

Faculty Representatives: 

  • Common Law: To be confirmed
  • Droit Civil: 
    • Dov Charness
    • George Monastririakos