Posting & Hiring (Toronto/Windsor)

Hiring Report

Please find the latest hiring reports below:

If you applied unsuccessfully for a course, you can review the report and the successful candidate’s. 

If you believe that the hiring process was not respected, you can contact the Association by emailing us at

You have 20 business days from its date of publication to file a complaint.


Postings are made entirely online on the University’s Human Resources website. A position is normally posted for a period of ten (10) days and not less than two (2) months prior to the start of the appointment.

Reference: Article 8.1 (JOB POSTINGS) of the Collective Agreement.

Application for Posted Positions

If you are interested in a position, you must apply using the application form no later than the closing date of the posting. A complete and up-to-date CV must accompany your application. 

It is your responsibility to provide all the information on which the hiring decision will be based, as indicated in the job posting.

Reference: Article 8.2 (APPLICATION FOR POSTED POSITIONS) of the Collective Agreement.

Right of First Refusal

The right of first refusal implies that if a member has taught a particular course during the previous academic year and has performed satisfactorily in accordance with Article 10 (PERFORMANCE EVALUATION), the Employer shall offer that member the right to teach a section of that course prior to posting the course in question.

Reference: Article 8.3.2 (RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL) of the Collective Agreement.


Each Term, after all appointments are made pursuant to the posting process, should any additional sections of courses become available, the Employer will first consider qualified applicants from the original posting process for that course prior to posting these courses.

Reference: Article 8.3 (APPOINTMENTS) of the Collective Agreement.

Period of Interrupted Service

An Employee who is not in the Bargaining Unit for a period of eighteen (18) months or longer shall no longer be a Member in accordance with Article 8.6 (PERIOD OF INTERRUPTED SERVICE) of the Collective Agreement.

Cancellation of Contract or Posting

The Employer reserves the right to cancel or combine courses for operational purposes. 

If you wish to cancel a contract for a course or other work, you must advise the Employer in writing before the beginning of the course or work, barring extraordinary valid circumstances, for example, but not limited to:

  • moving to another city;
  • obtaining a full-time position; or 
  • an illness that prevents an Employee from completing the required duties.

It is understood that accepting a part-time position in another institution does not constitute an extraordinary circumstance with respect to this provision.

Reference: Article 9 (CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT AND RESIGNATION) of the Collective Agreement.