Health Plan and Services


Between the Association of Part-Time Professors at the University of Ottawa (the “Association”)

And the University of Ottawa (the “Employer”)

WHEREAS the Parties wish to provide clarification about the terms of members participating in the extended health plan as per 10.5.1 of the 2013-(year) collective agreement, the Association and the Employer agree on the following terms:

  1. Members who teach on a per-course basis may opt into the university’s extended health plan at the time of appointment for a period of twelve months unless they have reached the age of 71. Upon the attainment of age 65, the Parties agree that the benefits will be integrated with provincial government drug programs and the University shall be considered as second payer (after government programs) for drug coverage. Members holding long-term appointments (LTAs) as per 5.13 shall be included in the extended health plan on the same basis as term academics.
  2. Starting on the date of ratification of the collective agreement 2013-(year), the $25,000 maximum will be eliminated. The withdrawal of a maximum limit shall be in place until the Parties have renegotiated the new terms for the extended health plan as outlined in item 5.
  3. The Employer and the Association agree that the target participation rate is 70% for the extended health plan. The parties agree to advertise the extended health plan to its Members so as to increase the participation rate of Members who teach on a per-course basis.
  4. The Employer shall ensure that Members enjoy the same benefits program as they were provided historically, The Association understands that changes may occur over time as a result of changes mandated in legislation or government programs. The Employer understands that any change in the structure of the plan not due to the above changes will be subject to negotiation.
  5. Six months prior to this Letter of Understanding’s expiration, the Parties shall start negotiating new terms. The Parties agree to negotiate conditions, coverage, and benefits. The above negotiation will take into consideration the level of participation from APTPUO members at the time of such negotiation. The Parties shall agree on new terms before the Letter of Understanding expires, unless negotiations are extended by mutual agreement.
  6. The terms of this Letter of Understanding shall be in force until the expiration of the collective agreement 2013-(year) or 31 August 2017, whichever occurs first.
  7. In case of disagreement over the terms outlined in this Letter of Understanding that is not resolved through the grievance process, the Parties agree to refer the matter to Mediator Brian Keller whose decision shall be final and binding on both Parties.