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Bereavement Leave

Provided that the provisions of  7.1 have been complied with, an employee shall be granted up to four (4) consecutive days leave, the first two (2) of which are with salary and benefits and the last […]

Cancellation of contract or posting

The Employer reserves the right to cancel or combine courses where the enrolment is 17 students or less when  it comes to credit courses and 25 students for non-credit courses. A member who has accepted an […]

Accommodation Assistance

When a member is requested to assist with accommodation measures for students during in-class examination, and that such accommodation is arranged through the Student Access Service Centre and involves additional e-mail, telephone or in-person support on […]

Appeal of grade

When a member participates in an official appeal of a student’s grade in a course he/she has taught and that the academic unit or department requests that the member undertake a further review of the marks […]

Academic Fraud

When a member attends a committee meeting to which he/she has been convened by the academic unit or Department to review a case of academic fraud relating to a course he/she has taught and that the […]