Sick Leave

Provided that the employee has, as soon as possible, advised the chairperson of her/his inability to perform her/his scheduled duties because of illness, an employee may claim sick leave with full pay and benefits for up to 2/12 of her/his total assigned work in each course.

Periods of sick leave lasting thee (3) days of work or more must be supported by a medical certificate.

Employees are not eligible for sick leave if they are already on any other form of leave. Unused sick leave from the two previous academic years may be accumulated but no more than 4/12 of any assigned course can be taken as sick leave on presentation of an appropriate medical certificate. The two-year period may be extended by the Employer at its discretion where on the basis of exceptional circumstances the Labour-Management Committee so recommends. Unused sick leave has no monetary value.

Independent Medical Examination:

At any time during a Member’s sick leave, a representative from the Health, Wellness and Leave Sector of Human Resources may, in order to determine if the Member is eligible for sick leave benefits or is able to return to work, require that the Member be examined by one or more physicians appointed and paid by the Employer. The Employer shall make reasonable efforts to consult with the Member or her delegate, in an effort to identify physicians acceptable to the Employer and the Member. In case of disagreement, the Member shall be provided with the names of three (3) qualified medical practitioners. The Member shall select one of the three practitioners to conduct the examination. The Employer shall pay for the cost of the examination and for all reasonable expenses incurred by the Member with respect to the medical examination.

Reference: Section 7.3 (Sick Leave) of the Collective Agreement