Tuition Fee Credits

Members of the bargaining unit are eligible for tuition fee waivers for MTCU-funded programs and courses as follows:

  1. Tuition fees credits are earned on the basis of 7.5% of the remuneration paid for  bargaining unit work.
  2. All members of the bargaining unit who will be commencing their fourth consecutive year of teaching  at the University of Ottawa shall be entitled to receive tuition fee credits at the rate of 15% of the salary received for part-time teaching.
  3. These credits may be used as long as she/he is a member of the APTPUO as per 5.8.5.
  4. These credits may be applied to tuition in credit courses (but not incidental fees) for the member’s  spouse, dependent children under 26 years of age, and, in the case  of members who are not full-time students, the member herself/himself.
  5. Part-time regular professors may take courses at the University, free of charge, if these courses are recommended in writing by the department as being necessary to improve or increase his/her teaching competence within the department and such recommendation is forwarded to the management of Academic Labour Relations. Such a recommendation is not required for courses taken by a professor to improve his/her competence in one of the official languages.

Reference: Section 10.13 (TUITION FEE CREDITs) of the Collective Agreement