Paystubs – look carefully

The APTPUO strongly encourages members to take a close look at their paystubs. Many members have reported mistakes on the amount paid, the dues paid to APTPUO as well as some of the deductions.

Although it has been brought up many times to the attention of the Human Resources Department, it seems it can’t fix the problem.

Your paystub should look like this one (except for the numbers in black circles):

Here are a few things to watch for on your paystub:

  1. Make sure your name (last, first) is spelled correctly. Make sure the right employee number is written.
  2. In this column, you have the kind of payments you receive. If you are entitled to extras (DFR, large class), it should show here.
  3. In this column, these amounts are the gross amount you receive for each category of payments. Here again, make sure the amounts are right.
  4. The box here is the total of (3). If (3) is right, so should (4).
  5. This is the list of all the deductions from your paycheck. Some are mandatory, others are linked to your registration to the University’s Health and Pension plans.
    1. CPP: your contribution to the Canada Pension Plan (mandatory if aged 65 or less);
    2. EI: your contribution to the Employment Insurance (mandatory);
    3. FedTax1: your federal income tax contribution (mandatory);
    4. ON Inc 1: your Ontario income tax contribution (mandatory);
    5. PenAPTPU: if you have registered to the University’s APTPUO Pension plan, 7% of your pay will be deducted. The Employer makes an extra 7% contribution. The Employer’s contribution is only available on statements sent by the provider (mandatory if registered – conditions apply: please refer to FAQ-Pension);
    6. APTPUO D: the dues you have to pay to the APTPUO. As member of APTPUO, you have to pay 1.8% as dues to your union (mandatory);
    7. If you see anything else, ask questions to the Payroll Services. Mistakes may be made. Make sure to double-check and contact Payroll Services if you see something unusual or if you don’t understand the information on your paystub.
  6. This column shows the amount deducted for the current pay period. Make sure the amount are accurate. Sometimes, even though the line appears, no amount is deducted for the current pay period. If so, contact Payroll Services immediately.
  7. This is the total of each category of deductions for the fiscal year (January to December).