Part-time Professors in Faculty of Law Organised!

After a long organizing campaign and a vote that took place May 9 and 10, part-time professors in the Faculty of Law voted overwhelmingly in favour of membership in the Association of Part-Time Professors of the University of Ottawa.

As such, the 220 part-time professors in the Faculty of Law join their 2500 part-time colleagues in all other faculties of the University of Ottawa

Law professors at the University of Ottawa are currently paid a much smaller salary compared to other part-time professors earn, and have been denied benefits available to the majority of University staff (access to the pension plan, access to the health plan, tuition fee credits and academic and professional development funds, etc.)

“It took courage for law professors to stand together and win a collective voice,” said Robert Johnson, President of the APTPUO. “We congratulate them for their determination and we welcome them into our Association.”

The APTPUO looks forward to working with the Faculty of Law and to start discussions with the aim of increasing the quality of education and to improve the working conditions of part-time professors in both Common Law and Droit civil.