Academic and Professional Development Fund

The purpose of the APTPUO Academic and Professional Development Fund is to promote research and participation in scholarly activities on the part of part-time academic staff (APTPUO members).

Here is the temporary procedure for applying to the Academic and Professional Development Fund. For the next semester, all your documents must be sent to the following address: and putting the APTPUO in copy ( In your application, you must make sure that the following information is included:

General Information :

  • Name, employee number, email address.
  • Type of grant requested (conference or research/publication)
  • Proof of APTPUO teaching in the last 24 months
  • Detailed budget and other sources of funding, if applicable
  • Updated CV

For a conference request:

  • Conference name, type, dates, location, relevance, etc.
  • Type of participation (presenting or attending)
  • Proof of acceptance, if applicable
  • Excerpt from the presentation, if applicable

For a research or publication request

  • A two-page description of the research project: objectives, methodology, research plan, importance, report with course

The University will give priority to members who have not received funding during the last academic year.