I am mobilized! How can I help your campaign?

Bargaining issues

Are you a part-time professor, a PhD student teaching a class at the University of Ottawa, an undergraduate student or an ally who wishes to share the news about our ongoing bargaining issues for a new collective agreement? Are you looking for a simple yet practical way to get the word out about what’s at stake and why we need to bargain a fair collective agreement for all of our members?

You can download all of our bargaining campaign materials in high-resolution English language .pdf documents from this link.

What else can I do to help?

Visit our website regularly and follow bargaining updates.

Share your story about precarity in the workplace! Did you have an excellent part-time professor that helped you or reach graduate studies? Do share!

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Mobilize and inform your department about APTPUO bargaining matters and become a Union Council representative if your department does not already have one. If you already have a council representative, join our Mobilization Committee! Send an email to secr @ aptpuo dot ca for more information.

In solidarity,

The APTPUO board of directors.