Possibility of a strike at uOttawa

The University of Ottawa and the Association of Part-Time Professors (APTPUO) are in the process of negotiating a first collective agreement for part-time professors who teach language courses at the Official Languages and Bilingualism ​​Institute (OLBI) and the University of Ottawa. Despite several bargaining meetings, the University remains staked in its position to offer no improvement in working conditions for this group. Compared to their part-time colleagues who teach on campus and do the same job, OLBI teachers have no benefits and have had no salary increases for more than seven years. The University offers nothing in this respect.

We just received the result of the strike vote and are pleased to announce that we have a 100% strike vote mandate, which will be a significant support in continuing bargaining with the employer. We have just sent out a press release to a variety of local media communicating this. We will be keeping you informed of developments as a result and are looking forward to a quick resolution to bargaining.