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Stresses of the Job

Originally, ‘stress’ described the force necessary to break steel. Today, this metaphor is routinely applied to describe contemporary mental states. In recent years, the vectors of stress have so accelerated that many psychologists are sounding the […]

What is precarity?

Precarity invokes the image of a desperate climber hanging from the edge of a cliff. Economists are increasingly using this term to describe the stresses created by a job market where employment security is undermined by […]

How does contingent employment threaten academic freedom?

Academic freedom represents a pillar of western universities. The primary defense for free speech and unfettered scientific research is tenure. For decades, tenure has been under a sustained attack from covert business groups that recognize academic […]

A voice within the university

Finding our voice Researchers have had immense difficulty extracting the exact number of contract faculty working inside Canadian universities. Various studies- often using the freedom of information act- have shown that their ranks have swelled inside […]

Myth of the part-time professor

What is a ‘part-time professor?’ At the University of Ottawa this title applies to those professors bound by the APTPUO agreement. Given the title ‘part-time,’ one would be forgiven for thinking that a part-time professor works […]

Teaching efficacy

What is effective teaching? A recent article in University Affairs put a spotlight on student course evaluations and raised a series of troubling questions. Manifold studies have established that student course evaluations are little more than […]