The (in)visible conference

The APTPUO conference, (in)visible: the Lived Realities of Contract Faculty, is held on campus October 25 and 26. You can register here.

Complete program

The complete program in print format can be found here. If you intend to print your own copy, select print on both sides and flip on short edge.
Find the presentation abstracts here, in the language in which they will be presented.

Program summary

Friday afternoon, we meet at Café Nostalgica at 16:30 for a social event, introductory remarks, the keynote speaker’s presentation, a filmmaker’s testimony, and an overview of the next day’s sessions.

Saturday morning, we move into the Huguette Labelle Hall in Tabaret Hall as of 8:30 to attend the presentations and roundtables. During the day, there will be coffee breaks and a free meal.

Our scheduled presentations are:

  • Rendering contract faculty visible through film, with filmmaker Gerry Potter.
  • (In)visibility and identity: marginalization, stress and stories of perseverance
  • Excavating the neoliberal university

We will also have roundtable discussions on the following topics:

  • Who is the ‘part-time’ professor?
  • The Québec model
  • Adjunct researchers and administrators: shouldering the (mostly) unpaid burdens
  • PhD students confront a challenging future

Keynote speaker

Professor Jamie Brownlee shares his thoughts on the status of higher education in Canada today. Celebrated author of Academia, Inc., Professor Brownlee’s reflections are particularly valuable to contract faculty in terms of explaining how the academic class system evolved over the last forty years and was driven by a free market ideology and corporate advocacy movement. Professor Brownlee will present the keynote address that will launch the APTPUO’s conference: (in)visible on October 25. For more information, visit the Conference websitecheck out the video on YouTube, or read the video transcript.

Idea wall

The following articles are points of reflection to address the scope of the conference, each providing a glimpse onto a different aspect of the work of contract lecturers in the North American context.

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