Look back at the (in)visible Conference

The APTPUO organized the (in)visible conference October 25 & 26, 2019. Close to one hundred participants were united over the two day event. We can truly say the event was a success!

An event to repeat!

During these two days, we discussed various topics that shed light on the situation of contract teachers.
More importantly, this conference allowed us to open a dialogue with colleagues from across the
country living out the same realities and to address some possible solutions.

Check out the keynotes on YouTube:

Jamie Brownlee Conference  (Carleton University)

Albertan filmmaker Gerry Potter



The student media, The Fulcrum, brought further profile to our conference in this article. The APTPUO
also participated in the action for post-secondary education on October 25 and appeared in another
article (in French).

We take the opportunity to thank all the panelists as well as the participants who made this conference
a success. We would also like to thank especially all those who worked on the organization of this
conference, namely the Academic Affairs Committee, the Board of Directors, and the staff of the