Frequently Asked Questions re: COVID-19

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Want to find an answer to a question you may have that pertains to the impact of COVID-19 on your workplace? The questions and answers below will be updated as often as possible.

NEW Q: Do you have resources to help me with my spring/summer course?

The APTPUO recently published a document to help members transition their classes from in-person to distance education. Check it out below:

Basic Guide for Transforming Your Course for Distance Learning (English)


Q: Will I be paid for the training I had to complete in light of the circumstances?

A: For each TLSS webinars for Brightspace offered and completed, you will receive the remuneration of $71.94 per hour. You will also receive $71.94 if you used Adobe Connect for your course.

Hyperlink to the Letters of Understanding (en français: ***LOU are presented in the language they were negotiated)


Q: Will I be paid for the additional work required to transform my courses into a distance education format?

A: Every member who teaches a 3-credit course or the equivalent this semester will receive $250 for additional work, as a result of the exceptional circumstances that the COVID-19 crisis has caused. This excludes practical courses (e.g. clinical) or those that have a person-to-person component. A separate Letter of Understanding will be negotiated for these courses.

Hyperlink to the Letters of Understanding (en français: ***LOU are presented in the language they were negotiated)


Q: When will I get paid for this additional work and training?

A: Payment should be made within 90 days. Payments will be processed automatically. The employer has a list of members who signed up for the online training and will pay members based on that list. The APTPUO encourages its members to carefully record the titles of the training sessions they signed up for and the dates of the training.  Members should verify that the payment received corresponds to the additional training undertaken. If you have questions about this matter, send us an email to:

Hyperlink to the Letters of Understanding (en français: ***LOU are presented in the language they were negotiated)


Q: Can student evaluations hurt my future employment?

A: We can now confirm that the student evaluations for the Winter term will not have a prejudicial impact on members. The Association has signed a letter of understanding with the employer for all bargaining units detailing that low evaluation scores will not be used negatively against members (removal of seniority points, for example) as these evaluations may have been influenced by recent exceptional circumstances.

Hyperlink to the Letters of Understanding (en français: ***LOU are presented in the language they were negotiated)


Q: What is happening with the spring/summer semester?

A: The majority of courses have been reposted with a comment that the course delivery may have to be done online. Rest assured that the faculties cannot modify the requirements for qualifications and/or experience with online teaching or distance learning. This would be contrary to the collective agreement.

However, there is training available online at the Teaching and Learning Support Service. We strongly recommend that you follow the training sessions (webinars for Brightspace and/or Adobe Connect) after you receive your contract so that you will be able to obtain compensation


Q: Is experience in distance education mandatory to apply to spring/summer courses?

A: Experience in distance education is not mandatory to apply to spring/summer courses. The APTPUO encourages its members to apply to contracts posted by the employer regardless of past experience with distance education. Members should follow the additional training after the contract is awarded for the Spring/Summer session.

Ask your department for prior approval to follow the training via email as soon as possible. The APTPUO is working on a Letter of Understanding on this matter. The Employer also has to make sure that you have access to the required technology teach the course online or through distance learning. Here is the language in the collective agreement.

5.1.1 Information Technology Where a Member is assigned an online course, the Employer shall ensure that the Member has access to the technology capable of handling the required mode of delivery. To assist Members and to facilitate technological innovation within the University community, the Employer shall inform Members of technology training programs at the University, and shall make these programs available to Members free of charge. With the prior approval of the appropriate authority, Members who participate in such program shall be paid for their time according to the applicable rate.

Should all courses in the Spring-Summer session have to be taught via distance learning, the Association will seek to negotiate another Letter of Understanding.


Q: Is seniority going to be respected in the awarding of contracts?

A: Seniority rules continue to apply.


Q: What is happening with the fall 2020 semester?

A: As you know the situation is changing very quickly. As soon as the APTPUO has a clear idea of what the fall 2020 semester will entail, it will communicate with its members.


Q: Do I have access to support during this difficult time?

A: Considering the exceptional circumstances, the Employee and Family Assistance Program (PAEF) is open to all part-time professors until April 30.
The program is in place for you and your eligible spouse and any dependent children at no cost to you. Services are offered in the following areas:

  • Short-term professional counselling
  • Family support services
  • Legal support services
  • Financial support services
  • Naturopathic services
  • Nutritional services
  • Health coaching

For more information, please consult the University of Ottawa Website.


Q: I applied to the Academic and Professional Development Fund. What is happening with my application?

A: As international travel is severely restricted, we are not handing out any travel funds until the situation returns to normal. For those whose conferences have now been postponed, your funding will remain available. Applications are on hold for now. If you have already submitted travel receipts (flight, registration fees, hotel reservations, etc.), please check whether you are able to obtain a refund through travel insurance, your credit card, or the conference organizers. For any funds not reimbursed, please contact us

While applications for conferences are on hold, it may be possible to apply to the APDF for research (if it does not involve travel) or for publication.


Q: I have a question that is not on your list. What should I do?

A: Send us an email and we will answer you as quickly as possible.