May Updates

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Letter of Understanding for the Spring-Summer Term

Student Evaluation

Like the Winter term, evaluations will not be considered in a detrimental way for members who teach one or more courses in the Spring and Summer term. The Association has signed a letter of understanding with the employer for all bargaining units to disregard student evaluations that may be negatively affected by distance education.

You can view the letters of understanding here (French documents – the letters of understanding are presented in the language in which they were negotiated).


Academic and Professional Development Fund

APTPUO and the administration have agreed to suspend further consideration of any new grant applications until there are measures to be taken by the public health authorities to provide flexibility.

We ask that all members try to recover any costs that have already been incurred. Expenses that are not recoverable, but would have been reimbursed had this activity taken place, will be reimbursed up to the maximum limit of the grant awarded.

Please note that if the activity is postponed to a later date, up to one calendar year, your grant will be automatically carried forward. However, if it is postponed beyond one calendar year, the grant will be cancelled.

You can view the Letter of understanding here (French documents *the Letters of understanding are presented in the language in which they were negotiated).


Online Training Provided by the Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS)

We know that many of you have taken online classes to ensure the continuity of your distance learning courses. Therefore, for those who have taken a TLSS training before April 30, 2020, you will be entitled to remuneration at an hourly rate of $71.94/hour. Compensation of $71.94 will also be provided to those who have used Adobe Connect.

Payment will be made automatically. You do not need to contact your department. For the spring-summer term, we are currently negotiating a similar agreement for those who wish to complete more training.

You may consult the Letter of Understanding through the following link (document en français *Letters of Understanding are presented in the language in which they were negotiated):


Hiring for the Spring and Summer Term

As indicated in our previous email, several departments have encountered problems with their postings by adding requirements without prior approval from APTPUO.

Some departments required experience in online or distance education, which contradicted the guidelines provided by the Provost’s Office of Academic Affairs. In fact, it was clearly stated that no experience in online teaching was required to apply and obtain courses for this term. The University offers paid training to allow you to develop the necessary skills for this teaching method.

If you have refrained from submitting an application to teach certain courses due to changes in requirements or if you suspect that your rights have been adversely affected during the hiring process, please report this by email


Number of Students Per Class

Several Deans have expressed their satisfaction with the increase in the number of registrations for the spring and summer term. However, instead of worrying about the quality of teaching and the impact this will have on the workload for academic staff, the administration would rather replenish its coffers.

In fact, the number of students per class has doubled, or even tripled, in some faculties, notably in the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Arts. Thus, instead of opening additional sections to ensure a teacher-student ratio that is appropriate for the quality of teaching, students have been crammed into virtual classrooms. The impact on our members is also very important. It is unacceptable for the administration to seek to enrich itself on the backs of its precarious workers in this difficult context.

We are currently discussing the issue with the employer in order to negotiate adequate compensation and to prevent the recurrence of this situation in the fall.


Trouble with Adobe Connect

We have been informed that there are security breaches with the Adobe Connect software that allow people who are not registered for the course to attend your lectures. Some people are using these breaches to post inappropriate content and make offensive comments.

Be aware that the employer has an obligation to provide you with a workplace free of any form of harassment Here’s what you need to do if a situation like this arises:

  • Immediately interrupt your class if you feel that you or your students are being harassed or threatened;
  • Directly contact your department and the Association so that measures can be taken to ensure a safe working environment, even if it is in a virtual setting.

We are currently investigating the situation with the employer and will ensure that measures are put in place to ensure the integrity of your online classes.


Take Part in the Forum!

We would like to remind you that the forums are still at your disposal to discuss issues related to distance learning. Access the forum by clicking here or by selecting “Forum” from the top menu.

How can I participate in the forums? If you wish to participate in the forum, you must first create an account. For instructions on how to create an account, please click on the link below.