February 2021 Newsletter

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Hiring Report

Main Unit – Winter 2021

The Employer has published the Hiring Report for the Winter Term 2021.
The report is available here.

If you applied unsuccessfully for a course, you can review the report and the successful candidate’s category and seniority points. If you believe that the hiring process was not respected, you can contact the Association by replying directly to this email or by emailing us at info@aptpuo.ca.

You have 20 business days from its date of publication to file a complaint.


Upcoming Trainings


The TLSS shared with us the upcoming technology training courses. You can consult the list here :

We would like to remind you, as per the current Letter of Understanding between the Association and the Employer on compensation for online training,  members who take or have taken online training for the fall 2020 session or the winter 2021 session will be entitled to compensation at an applicable rate of $71.94/hour per technology-related training courses offered by the Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS).

More information on the letter of understanding here.


Black History Month

February is Black History Month. This year, we are committed to learning more about the realities and issues of our colleagues in the BIPOC community. While celebrating the successes and accomplishments of the BIPOC community on our campus and across the country.

Coming Soon on the APTPUO Website

Resource page for the BIPOC community and its allies.

The Association is compiling a list of resources for BIPOC community members and allies. This list is not limited to educational or support resources, but also includes collections of articles, books or works of art made by members of the BIPOC community.

Are there any other resources that your colleagues can benefit from?

We welcome your suggestions. Submit your suggestions to info@aptpuo.ca today.


Looking for ways to celebrate Black History Month?

Below is a list of local Ottawa/Gatineau events that will take place throughout the month (in person or remotely).

Other programs:


Reminder: BIPOC Panel

Call for Panellist

A quick reminder that it is not too late to submit your candidacy to become a panellist for the BIPOC Panel organized by Karine Coen-Sanchez.

If you are a racialized professor and would be interested in participating in a panel discussion, please provide a brief explanation in 300 words or less about your academic experiences as a racialized professor in academia. Please send the information to Karine: Kcoen095@uottawa.ca.

For more information please click here.