Let’s Mobilize Against Bimodal Education and Protect the Quality of Education

Central Administration has announced a gradual return to campus in the fall of 2021, while launching a new pedagogical approach: bimodal learning.

According to the Teaching and Learning Support Services (TLSS), the bimodal approach is “a combination of two distinct real time (synchronous) teaching spaces. One physical space in an on-campus classroom where a professor is present with a small number of students (to meet the physical distancing measures established by Ottawa Public Health), and a second virtual space using videoconferencing technology (Zoom or MS Teams) for students who have chosen to take the course at a distance.”

However, the Central Administration neglected to consult and listen to academic staff before committing to bimodal teaching. By rushing the implementation of the bimodal approach without consulting and listening to the involved parties, i.e., professors, teaching assistants and students, the Central Administration is putting the quality of education this fall and the reputation of our institution at risk. The Interunion Coalition, composed of all unions and associations on campus, has attempted to meet with the Administration to discuss our common concerns.

In response to Central Administration’s refusal to meet with the Interunion to discuss the plan for the fall semester, the Interunion Coalition is now considering actions to denounce the lack of collaboration from the top administration and the absence of collegiality in the decision-making process. 

Alongside the actions of the InterUnion Coalition, the APTPUO is launching its internal campaign to denounce the introduction of the bimodal teaching mode. 

Through this campaign, we wish to raise awareness among our members, but especially among our students. We also want the Central Administration to ensure that the teaching staff has the necessary resources to deal with this new experimental teaching mode, but above all to listen to the needs of our members and to trust their expertise in teaching. 

As social distancing is always a must, our different actions will be broadcast virtually and on all our communication networks. You can support the campaign by sharing our various publications on social networks or share your experiences and concerns about the Fall 2021 Term.

Stay tuned to your emails and follow our various social media platforms throughout the month of July for more information.