Retroactive Pay – Important Update #4

The Association has just been informed that the long-awaited back pay has been made as part of March 15 payroll.

The payment covers only the period from May 1, 2023 and to February 15, 2024.

For reference, here are the back pay amounts per 3-credit course based on the academic year in which the course was given that you should be receiving:

  • For 3-credit courses given between September 1, 2021, and August 31, 2022: $132
  • For 3-credit courses taken between September 1, 2022, and August 31, 2023: $314
  • For 3-credit courses taken between September 1, 2023, and August 31, 2024: $502

We remind you to check your pay slips to make sure everything is in order and that you’re being paid at the correct rate.

If you have any questions or notice any discrepancies on your payslip, we suggest you contact the payroll team ( and include the Association ( in carbon copy (CC).

Long-Term Appointments

If you hold a long-term appointment (LTA), we have received confirmation that the employer did not make the salary adjustment on February 15, nor did they issue the retroactive payment as of today’s date.

We are in contact with the employer for further information.

Next Steps

We are taking the necessary steps to obtain compensation for the failure to comply with the arbitration award. We will keep you informed of further developments.

Meeting with Human Resources to Discuss Payroll

The Association has requested an urgent meeting with human resources and the payroll department to better understand the new system. We are waiting for a date from the employer.

Clearly, payslips lack crucial information and are incomprehensible. When combined with Workday’s inability to generate accessible contracts, the situation has become intolerable!

We will try to obtain information and discuss viable solutions for members.