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Publication of the main unit hiring report, Fall 2019

The University has published the Fall 2019 Hiring Report for the main unit, including the Faculty of Law. It is available here. If you applied unsuccessfully for a course, you can review the report and the successful candidates’ category […]

Seniority Listings

Please find below a seniority listing by area of employment.   Main Unit For members teaching in Ottawa in credit programs but not in the Faculty of Law, find here the seniority list, effective June 30, 2019. Official […]

Academic and Professional Development Fund

Academic and Professional Development Fund

The purpose of the APTPUO Academic and Professional Development Fund is to promote research and participation in scholarly activities on the part of part-time academic staff (APTPUO members). Here is the temporary procedure for applying to the Academic […]

Paystubs – look carefully

The APTPUO strongly encourages members to take a close look at their paystubs. Many members have reported mistakes on the amount paid, the dues paid to APTPUO as well as some of the deductions. Although it has been […]

Seniority List

Grievances and arbitration

The APTPUO can take actions on rights, benefits and procedures defined in the collective agreement. If the Employer violated one or several articles of the collective agreement, a grievance may be filed.

Seniority Points

An explanation of how part-time professors accumulate seniority and how to see how much you have.

When are postings for teaching positions posted?

There is no set time period. For courses where enrolment is predictable—regular postings—course descriptions are posted electronically around 4 months prior to the start of the course for a period of at least 30 days. Postings for courses […]

Tuition Fee Credit Plan

The refunds described in this article apply to government funded courses that earn university credits in full-time programs of study funded by the government. The member’s child or dependent must pay incidental fees. The spouse, child or dependent […]

Tuition Fee Credits

Members of the bargaining unit are eligible for tuition fee waivers for MTCU-funded programs and courses as follows: Tuition fees credits are earned on the basis of 7.5% of the remuneration paid for  bargaining unit work. All members […]

Health Plan and Services

LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING Between the Association of Part-Time Professors at the University of Ottawa (the “Association”) And the University of Ottawa (the “Employer”) WHEREAS the Parties wish to provide clarification about the terms of members participating in the […]