Forums – Code of Conduct

Choose the right forum for your contribution.

Do not copy your contribution from one forum to another. Moderators reserve the right to move or delete a contribution if it is deemed irrelevant.

Before asking a question or starting a new topic, we ask that you try to search the forum to see if the topic or your answer already exists there. To do this, use the forum search bar and search by keywords. 

Contribute in the language of your choice (French / English).

Contributions will not be automatically translated.

The title of your contributions should be as precise as possible. In order to maximize the potential for exchange between members, we suggest that you stick to succinct and descriptive titles.

Respect for others.

Any content deemed abusive, harmful, or distasteful will be deleted. Please be aware that this forum is public and that any attack on others and any comments deemed derogatory will be deleted.

No unsolicited advertising is allowed.

Any advertising on the forum is prohibited, unless otherwise authorized by the moderators. Do not use forums to promote or sell products, services or your business unless it is relevant to the forum thread. Advertisements that do not meet these criteria will be deleted. 

Violations of the code of conduct

Should the content of a forum be in violation of the code of conduct, it may be modified,

moved, or deleted, at the discretion of the APTPUO. Anyone who harasses others or does not follow the code of conduct may lose access to the APTPUO forums.


The content that appears in the APTPUO forums does not represent the opinion or the

official position of the Association. Although moderators will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every post. If you find content on our forums that you consider inappropriate, please let us know by sending an email to the following address:

In addition, be advised that the Association cannot ensure the confidentiality of the content of the forum.