Conference: (in)visible

News, background and documentation on (in)visible, the 2019 APTPUO academic conference

  • Look back at the (in)visible Conference

    The APTPUO organized the (in)visible conference October 25 & 26, 2019. Close to one hundred participants were united over the two day event. We can truly say the event was a success! An event to repeat! During these two days, we discussed various topics that shed light on the situation

  • The (in)visible conference

    The APTPUO conference, (in)visible: the Lived Realities of Contract Faculty, is held on campus October 25 and 26. You can register here. Complete program The complete program in print format can be found here. If you intend to print your own copy, select print on both sides and flip on short

  • Video: Interview with Jamie Brownlee

    Professor Jamie Brownlee shares his thoughts on the status of higher education in Canada today. Celebrated author of Academia, Inc., Professor Brownlee’s reflections are particularly valuable to contract faculty in terms of explaining how the academic class system evolved over the last forty years and was driven by a free

  • (in)visible Conference Registration is Open!

    Register for this free two day event. Get active in your union. Learn more about the neoliberal University and its impact on our work. As a result, mobilize and push back with ideas, actions, and words. The precarious worker floats in the clouds, never to be seen or acknowledged by