December’s Newsletter 2020

Your Rights

Syllabus Handouts

The Association would like to inform you that you are not required to submit the syllabus of your course before the start of the next term.

We have been informed that several Faculties and Departments are requesting that syllabuses be provided before the holiday break. However, the contract for the winter session does not start until January 2021.

In the current exceptional period and with the end of the Fall term, we understand that the completion of your syllabus involves additional work that is not at all desirable.
Do not hesitate to notify your academic unit that you will only share your syllabus at the beginning of your contract.

If your department insists that you submit your syllabus, you can share this email as a response and do not hesitate to contact us if the situation becomes complicated.

The Board of Directors’ Members 2020–2021

On Thursday, December 10, we announced the results of the election that took place at the Annual General Meeting. We are pleased to present the positions to be occupied by the members of the 2020–2021 Board of Directors.

We also want to thank the outgoing VP Internal Tom Boogaart who, among other contributions, organized in collaboration with others last year’s conference “(In)visible: The lived realities of contract faculty”.

Robert Johnson, President

Pascal Sergent, Vice-President Internal

Luc Angers, Vice-President External

Julie Delorme, Secretary

Greer Knox, Grievance Officer (English)

Nelson Arturo Ovalle Diaz, Agent de grief (French)

Reza Farzi, Treasurer

Winter Break

APTPUO’s Office

The Association’s office will be closed from 4 p.m. on December 22, 2020, until 9 a.m. on January 4, 2021, for the winter break. For any questions related to the grievance process, please contact one of our two grievance officers by email listed below.

  • Greer Knox, Grievance Officer (English),
  • Nelson Arturo Ovalle Diaz, French Grievance Officer,
  • Please include the Association’s general address in copy,

For urgent assistance from your Association, please capitalize “URGENT” in the subject line of your email and write to

For Your Information

In Solidarity with CUPE 4600

The Association invites you to fill out the form below for our CUPE 4600 colleagues at Carleton University so that they, like us, can obtain additional compensation to teach remotely.

For more information, see the CUPE 4600 campaign page here.