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Hello Kate,

Thank you for your participation in the forum.

Please note the following articles from the Collective Agreement:

Article 10.1.3…

The parties agree that part-time academic staff normally require office space equipped with a computer to perform part of their workload duties. If a computer ceases to function adequately and cannot be restored to normal function as determined by the Employer’s staff, the Employer
shall provide a replacement computer. The Employer is not required to provide such an office but where an office is not provided, part-time academic staff may request that the Employer complete the T2200 form as per 10.15.

Article 10.1.5…

When members teach online courses, they receive a maximum of $15 per month reimbursement for Internet fees upon presentation of a receipt confirming such expenses during the session in which the course is given. In this situation, if the member requests an acknowledgment under 10.1.3, the form must show that the reimbursement in question has been given.

If there is any problem with the T2200, I suggest you contact the Association so that we may follow up with the administration.

Best regards,

Natasha Roy