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Tom Boogaart
  • Department: History
  • Faculty: Arts

Hi Sam,

Your concern is a legitimate one. To expand upon it briefly, teaching from a distance imposes multiple challenges for professors. As precarious workers, barriers to teaching are amplified. The University of Ottawa operates on a class system so that APUO has right to a university furnished computer, copy machine and all sorts of AV equipment. At the recent Faculty of Arts town hall the rector said plainly that no professor should be barred from practicing their craft. He also said that professors needing equipment to teach should contact their chair. It could be that he was thinking about APUO, but if I were you I would use that language to petition your chair along with a short note about what equipment and software you need and how you will use it to benefit students.

Hopefully the chair will respond to a reasonable request. If they do not, please forward their email to The association’s ability to intervene is limited to the collective agreement. In the past, moral and common sense arguments have not always prevailed.