Interunion Precampaign

Welcome inter-union allies and friends,

You’ve been invited to join the APTPUO’s campaign to ensure high-quality education at the University of Ottawa in the Fall 2020 term.  The goal of this campaign is twofold:

  1. Put an immediate stop to some of the cost-cutting measures in place in light of COVID-19 that have a harmful impact on the quality of education offered at uOttawa
  2. Build up capacity as an inter-union body so we can begin putting collective pressure on the Administration so that our shared grievances are heard and resolved


To date, the APTPUO began a pre-launch of the campaign on July 3 via social media (Facebook, Twitter).

The official launch date of July 8 was selected to give inter-union allies time to familiarize themselves with the campaign, consult their governing bodies and confirm whether or not they want to be on board, and provide feedback to campaign organizers.

On July 8, we will launch a special campaign website (one in French, one in English) and let the University Community know that this is not a single association airing out grievances: it’s a push back movement uniting the University Community, at large.

If you choose not to participate, we ask that you please keep these materials confidential until the campaign is publicly launched as a gesture of inter-union solidarity.


 On this page, you will find

On July 8, we will add social media content to share on the campaign website and encourage you to disseminate campaign materials beginning at noon (12:00).

If you want to join us, please send us an email to indicating your association’s willingness to participate before 3pm on July 7 (tomorrow). We also ask that you please send us your association’s logo, ideally with a transparent background. We will include said logo in our inter-union campaign materials.