July Newsletter – Seniority List Updates!

Updated Seniority List

The Employer has informed us that the seniority list has been updated online. You can consult the seniority list here.

It should be noted that in accordance with Article 5.8.3 of the Collective Agreement between the APTPUO and the University of Ottawa, on June 30th of each year, the Employer will post on its website a complete list of APTPUO members, their total seniority points, their respective departments and faculty.

Members will be required to report any errors or omissions no later than August 31.

Please note that any points for a course that will end or has ended after June 30 of this year are not included. As well, the teaching points for the academic year 2019‐2020 are not included.

In case of error or omission

Please send a notice of disagreement that includes your name, employee number, uOttawa email address, as well as an explanation of where you feel you may be missing your points, to rt-acad-lr@uottawa.ca, no later than midnight August 31, 2019.

Preservation of Seniority points

Unless otherwise specified*, a member who has not taught for 24 months loses their seniority points. 

According to article 5.8.5, paragraph c) of the collective agreement, if you wish to keep your seniority points after this period, you must officially request work for each of the fall and winter terms after the 24-month period following your last teaching contract. 

However, please be advised that general applications will no longer be accepted in order to comply with the provision of Article 5.8.5 (c).

You must therefore apply for specific courses. You may apply for courses in other faculties or departments, provided you apply for the fall and winter terms.

Following the implementation of the notification system, several departments that used to send personalized emails to inform members of the publication of postings will cease this practice. It is therefore strongly recommended that you subscribe to the notification system.

Please note that since the ratification of the current Collective Agreement, general inquiries must be sent electronically.

* Please refer to articles 5.8.5 (a), (b) and (d) of the Collective Agreement.

APTPUO Committees – Get Involved!

Governance Committee

With the new adjustments that we must adopt in the light of COVID-19, we must make several changes to the constitution in order to revise the way we hold our general assemblies. The Governance Committee will be asked to address these issues and review the constitution of the Association. 

We are therefore looking for two (2) members who wish to participate in this work. A 60$ honorarium will be paid for each meeting. If you are interested in taking part in this project, please send us a letter of intent with a copy of your Resume before July 27, 2020 to info@aptpuo.ca.

Mobilization Committee

The Mobilization Committee is still seeking motivated individuals to participate in their activities. If you are looking to get involved and to actively participate in the association’s life, please send us a letter of intent at info@aptpuo.ca.