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As expected, the situation at the University of Ottawa and other universities is evolving rapidly. You may have received the following email from the University administration: to implement an operational contingency to ensure the health and safety of

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Part-Time Professor of the Year Award 2019


The Part-Time Professor of the Year Award was created in 1996 in recognition of the contribution of the members of the Association of Part-Time Professors of the University of Ottawa (APTPUO) to university education. Sponsored by University of Ottawa a

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Are you teaching an online course? Claim your compensation!


When a member teaches a course online, a reimbursement of internet costs to a maximum of $15 per month will be awarded upon presentation of expense receipts for said costs during the semester in which the course is taught (see Article 10.1.5).

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Nominations received for the Board of Directors


At the December 4, 2019 Annual General Membership Meeting, three positions on the Board of Directors are up for election. In order to set up and configure the voting system, nominations had to be received before November 28, 2019 at 16:00. Here is the

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Look back at the (in)visible Conference


The APTPUO organized the (in)visible conference October 25 & 26, 2019. Close to one hundred participants were united over the two day event. We can truly say the event was a success! An event to repeat! During these two days, we discussed various t

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The (in)visible conference


The APTPUO conference, (in)visible: the Lived Realities of Contract Faculty, is held on campus October 25 and 26. You can register here. Complete program The complete program in print format can be found here. If you intend to print your own copy, sele

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Video: Interview with Jamie Brownlee


Professor Jamie Brownlee shares his thoughts on the status of higher education in Canada today. Celebrated author of Academia, Inc., Professor Brownlee’s reflections are particularly valuable to contract faculty in terms of explaining how the academic

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(in)visible Conference Registration is Open!


Register for this free two day event. Get active in your union. Learn more about the neoliberal University and its impact on our work. As a result, mobilize and push back with ideas, actions, and words. The precarious worker floats in the clouds, never

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Keynote Speaker


Jamie Brownlee is a contract professor at Carleton University and the author of Academia, Inc.: How Corporatization is Transforming Canadian Universities (Fernwood 2015) and Ruling Canada: Corporate Cohesion and Democracy (Fernwood 2005). He is also co

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Job posting notification system


In the most recent round of bargaining, we obtained a new posting notification system for APTPUO members. The University of Ottawa Hiring Management System (UOHMS) now provides APTPUO members with the opportunity to sign up for e-mail alerts when posit

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Possibility of a strike at uOttawa


The University of Ottawa and the Association of Part-Time Professors (APTPUO) are in the process of negotiating a first collective agreement for part-time professors who teach language courses at the Official Languages and Bilingualism ​​Institute (OLB

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Call for proposals


To be held October 25-26, 2019 at the University of Ottawa. The APTPUO academic conference allows part-time professors to present their research to a diverse audience and hear keynote lectures by renowned speakers. This year’s theme will consider visib

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