October Newsletter‼

Hiring Report – Fall 2020

The Employer has published the Hiring Report for the Fall Term 2020.

If you applied unsuccessfully for a course, you can review the report and the successful candidate’s category and seniority points. If you believe that the hiring process was not respected, you can contact the Association by replying directly to this email or by emailing us at info@aptpuo.ca.

You have 20 business days from its date of publication to file a complaint.


Part-Time Professor of the Year Award

Applications are welcome!
Deadline: October 31, 2020.

It is not too late to submit an application for the Part-Time Professor of the Year Award. You have until October 31 to submit a nomination! We invite you to read the selection criteria for this award of excellence on our website.

All submissions must be submitted electronically to info@aptpuo.ca.


The impact of a labour conflict with the SSUO on your workload.

Last June, the Central Administration demanded a vote on the employer’s final offers to the SSUO. More than 1000 members voted and the employer’s offer was rejected by 80%.

In early September, the employer and the SSUO returned to the bargaining table where the employer presented the same offer again, which was rejected by a majority vote.

Thus, the APTPUO believes that a labour conflict between the University and the SSUO is foreseeable given the intransigent positions of the Central Administration.

To give you a bit of context, the support staff at the University of Ottawa is essential to the smooth functioning of academic life. Their members provide valuable support to academic functions (including grade management, course scheduling, exam scheduling and any special requests) while others provide services for students and faculty in course preparation and delivery, technological supports and much more.

You can therefore imagine the impact that a labour dispute (strike or even lockout) with the SSUO would have on your workload.

A mediation session between the parties is planned for the near future and we hope that the administration will participate in good faith in order to avoid a disruption in the services offered to the university community, especially in the current context.

However, should a labour dispute arise, we are convinced that the employer will call upon the faculty to perform the administrative duties performed by the SSUO. Therefore, the APTPUO asks its members to not accept any additional work that your department or faculty may delegate to you in the event of a strike or lockout with SSUO members.

Upcoming Events

CAUT’S Fair Employment Week

Each year, CAUT holds a campaign to raise awareness of precarious employment on campus and to support local organizations in improving the working conditions of contract academic staff.

To mark the Fair Employment Week, which runs from October 19 to 23, CAUT has planned a full week of online activities for you to join.

For more details on the Annual Fair Employment Week activities or to find out how you can participate, visit http://makeitfair.caut.ca/.


In Search of Professor Precarious

Watch the award-winning documentary with us!

Poster of In Search of Professor Precarious. A documentary feature that lifts the curtain on higher education's dirty laundry secret

You missed the global and virtual launch of the documentary In Search of Professor Precarious by Gerry Potter?
To mark Employment Equity Week, the documentary’s production team is offering us the opportunity to stream the documentary for the entire week.

Watch the trailer here!

From October 18th at 1 p.m. to October 25th at 1 a.m., Eastern time, watch the documentary for free here : https://vimeo.com/461136303
*Member (Only)Password will be (one word): MakeItFair

Subtitles and captions available in English, French and Spanish.


Roundtables on Precarious Education,

Canadian Historical Association

Engaged - A Canadian Historical Association Webinar Series
A CHA Series (zoom) Inspired by the Precarious Historical Instructors’ Manifesto.

See the list of webinars here.

The next webinar: Precarious Historians, Diversity & Inclusion, and History Departments.