Job posting notification system

In the most recent round of bargaining, we obtained a new posting notification system for APTPUO members.

The University of Ottawa Hiring Management System (UOHMS) now provides APTPUO members with the opportunity to sign up for e-mail alerts when positions of interest are posted. This option is available from the same page where the job openings are usually listed.

Members will be able to select the faculties and/or departments for which they wish to receive job alerts. Users will be able to register and unsubscribe from the system at any time.

Every evening, the system will collect all the job postings displayed during the day. The following morning, the system will send an email to registered members listing published positions that meet the chosen criteria. Correspondence will be done with the email accounts.

These daily e-mails will contain a hyperlink to the job postings page and will indicate the semester, course number, faculty and department.