Seniority – OLBI Unit

Everything you need to know about seniority hours.

OLBI unit members shall accumulate seniority based on the number of teaching hours in each program. 

On June 30 of each year, the University shall submit to the Association an updated seniority list, including the seniority hours accumulated by unit members and their faculty and unit.

Errors or omissions must be reported to the Manager at OLBI between June 30 and August 31 of every year. 

For OLBI unit members, you can find a list of accumulated hours here, as of June 30, 2023.

For members of the grandfathered clause who teach in ESL or FSL programs, please see the seniority page of the main unit here. 

Can teaching hours be removed?

Yes, members who are not in the bargaining unit for a period of twenty-four (24) months or more, will lose their previously accumulated teaching hours with the exception of those who were on leave of absence as per Article 15 (LEAVES).

For more information on leaves under the Collective Agreement, click here. 

Reference: Article 8.6 (PERIOD OF INTERRUPTED SERVICE) of the Collective Agreement.