Campaign Launch


The time has come to mobilize for a higher quality of education! Thus, we are pleased to announce the launch of our campaign.

To give you some context, APTPUO has not been invited to participate in the discussions regarding the delivery of courses for the Fall 2020 term. Although our members teach half of the courses at the University of Ottawa and the majority of students, the Administration has ignored our teaching expertise and our active role in maintaining the quality of education. 

Many of you have informed us of a worrisome increase in the number of students enrolled per course for the spring and summer term of 2020 compared to subsequent terms when courses were only offered in face-to-face mode. Unfortunately, the situation will be worse in the fall, as the administration has undertaken to inflate the courses even more.

In addition, the Administration has already informed us that it is unlikely that funds will be made available to provide support to teachers to acquire the resources necessary to offer a quality distance education.

We believe that the strategies adopted by the University administration for the Fall term will have a negative impact on the quality of education. This is why we invite you to read our press release here.

Get involved!

Help us advocate for a higher quality of education for the upcoming academic year! Sign our petition here  and share the message widely!